What You Are Getting Yourself Into

Often students at Georgia Tech struggle to find time to serve their community. TEAM Buzz provides an opportunity for all students to give back. On Saturday, October 22 at 9:00 AM you will have the opportunity to serve the Atlanta community! On Saturday morning, you will have an easy opportunity to enrich our community- we will take care of all the logistics including breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt; all you have to do is show up! .

The morning of Saturday, October 22 at 9:00 AM, TEAM Buzz will kickoff at the Campanile as volunteers sign-in. After volunteers sign-in, they can queue up for complimentary light breakfast food. From 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, students will be at their respective project sites doing service. Upon completion, volunteers will return to the Campanile for the celebration of service starting around noon.

At the TEAM Buzz celebration, we will be serving pizza and giving away free TEAM Buzz t-shirts to all volunteers! The TEAM Buzz event concludes at 2:00 PM. You are, however, free to return home at any time after you have finished you project.

Project Coordinators

Project Coordinators (PCs) are essential to the success of TEAM Buzz. PCs are assigned projects that the TEAM Buzz Projects Committee has already set up. PCs act as the liaison between the TEAM Buzz Executive Board, the service organization for the project, and the student volunteers. Their work ensures that this year's TEAM Buzz day goes as smoothly as possible. The day of our event, PCs serve as the leaders of their particular project. Being a PC is a great way to be more involved, learn valuable leadership skills, and have fun along the way!

History of TEAM Buzz

In 1997, TEAM Buzz (Tech Enhancing Atlanta Metropolitan) was brought to the Georgia Tech campus as a new initiative in philanthropy. Serving as an Institute-wide community service day, TEAM Buzz brought students, faculty, staff, and alumni together to serve throughout the Atlanta area, participating in everything from planting trees, to operating soup kitchens, from providing all volunteers for charity 5K runs, to playing basketball with physically challenged youth.

Since its inception, TEAM Buzz has grown bigger and better each year, and this year is no exception! Over twice the number of original volunteer positions will be available, with nearly 2000 volunteers choosing from over 35 projects, catering to many different interests and abilities. From staffing food banks, to working at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlanta, from helping the elderly revitalize their homes, to teaching the uses of the Internet — TEAM Buzz has something for everyone. This venture is poised to become one of the largest events the Georgia Tech community has ever seen, ensuring this as a staple in campus life for years to come — truly making service the most recent "Tech Tradition."

TEAM Buzz began with a mission to promote a sense of community and philanthropic spirit among the various groups and organizations at Georgia Tech through service to the Atlanta community. Participation has proven to be an important educational experience, as well as an opportunity for personal growth — whether the volunteer is a student, faculty, staff, alumna, or alumnus.