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Important Dates:

PC Registration
9.22.14 - 9.29.14

Group Creation
10.05.14 - 10.19.14

Group Registration
10.5.14 - 10.19.14

Individual Sign-ups
10.15.14 - 10.24.14

The Big Day

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Hello, and welcome. TEAM Buzz is an organization devoted to making Atlanta better. Through our corporate and campus sponsorships, we are able to organize and support many community-enhancing projects every year. We participate in projects ranging from charity races through the city to converting an old parking garage into a homeless shelter.

The concept is simple; provide a service day that will act as a focal point and allow our campus to come together to serve. Together we will work to fulfill our motto of "Progress and Service" with a single plan and strategy to improve our community.

TEAM Buzz is Saturday, 10.25.14!

TEAM Buzz Schedule:
7:30AM – Meet at the Campanile for breakfast!
8:00AM – Intro and Welcome Speeches
8:30AM – Break up into groups based on project and head on out!
8:45AM – 12:00PM – Approximate length of projects unless otherwise specified by your Project Coordinator
12:00PM – 1:30PM – Celebrations back at the Campanile: food, fun, T-shirts, and relaxation!

Get Involved

The success of the TEAM Buzz event depends on incredible volunteer support. There are a number of ways to be involved in the event. Project Coordinators help manage service projects and organize volunteers. Regular volunteers participate in one of the many available service projects on the day of the event. Finally, corporate sponsors provide the financial backing to get TEAM Buzz off the ground.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinators (PCs) help organize groups of volunteers for specific projects during TEAM Buzz. The role is more demanding than that of a regular volunteer, but it's an opportunity to play an integral role in the success of a service event. Please note that a Project Coordinator helps us plan the event and is NOT the same as a Group Creator!

Group Volunteers

Want to volunteer at the same site as your fraternity, sorority, or organization? Choose a spokesperson and signup today! Note that group signups will begin before individuals will be granted signup access!

Regular Volunteer

Being a regular volunteer is the easiest way to participate in TEAM Buzz. Simply join a project and show up the morning of TEAM Buzz. Make sure to signup early because every project has a limited number of spots!

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